02/27/2013 05:06 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2013

Pat Wesner, New York Nonprofit Worker And Mom Of 4, Returns $11,000 That Landed On Her Car (VIDEO)

Pat Wesner could really use some extra cash. But when $11,000 landed right in front of the mom of four, she didn’t think about keeping it for one second.

The New York resident, who has one son serving in Afghanistan and another who has disabilities, was driving north of Salem when the rear door of a Brink's truck in front of her unlocked and thousands of dollars started pouring out, unbeknownst to the truck driver, Fox 23 reported. Wesner, who works at a struggling nonprofit, stopped the car, called the police and an officer came to help her collect the stray money.

"It's stealing if you take something that's not yours and I never even thought, you know I picked up a lot of bills that were on the ground and never even thought that I would put anything in my pocket. It didn't belong to me," Wesner told WCSH 6.

While Brink's called to thank Wesner, perhaps someone else who was inspired by her goodwill may find a way to compensate her monetarily as another honest do-gooder was.

After Sarah Darling accidentally dropped her diamond ring in Billy Ray Harris' change cup earlier this month, the Missouri homeless man held onto it until she returned and gave it back, KCTV reports.

So moved by his kind act, Darling and her husband set up an online fundraiser for Harris to repay him and since Feb. 14 have collected $167, 464.

"I'm not sure of how you ended up in your situation, but after what I witnessed you do, I am most definitely sure that you are a honest man with a good heart,” Volanda Shields, a donor who gave $1,000, wrote on Harris’ GiveForward page. “Watching you on the news the other day brought tears to my eyes because I thought of what so many others would have done.”