02/27/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Saving Money: Suze Orman's Financial Advice For Generation X

By Suze Orman

If you have children, you absolutely must... be smart about college costs.

Yes, your kids should go to school. No, you shouldn't bankroll their degree whatever the cost. You've spent your life creating a sound financial plan; don't upend it by suspending your retirement savings or taking out a home equity line of credit to pay for a pricey college. Instead, consider a financial safety school that's likely to offer your family a generous scholarship package. If you opt for a more expensive school, have your kids borrow fixed-rate federal loans, which you can supplement with federal PLUS loans; take out only as much as you can afford to pay off before you stop working.

If you don't have children and plan to retire in your current home, you absolutely must... get ahead on your mortgage.

Try to make additional monthly payments now to shorten the life of your loan. Pay off your mortgage before retirement, and that's one less bill you'll have to worry about when you're on a fixed income.

Under no circumstances should you... take on more debt by tapping a home equity line of credit or borrowing on credit for unnecessary luxuries.

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Suze Orman's Financial Advice