02/27/2013 04:43 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2013

'The Mindy Project': Seth Rogen Guests As Mindy's Former Camp Crush (VIDEO)

"The Mindy Project" continues to find its voice as a workplace comedy, with Mindy's love life remaining a big source of both the drama and the laughs. This week, she was incredibly excited to be reconnecting with an old camp crush from her childhood, played by Seth Rogen. Her parents had sent her to a Jewish camp, where she didn't really fit in. But Rogen's character Sam was kind to her and the two became close.

Their reunion was genuine to the bond they must have formed back then. They had gentle jokes back and forth and shared an easy chemistry. But Sam was on a short leave from the military, heading back to Afghanistan. Only Mindy didn't want him to go.

After he took a fall from her apartment window, she tried to get his doctor to fudge his reports to say Sam was more severely injured. Sam overheard her ploy to delay his departure and wasn't too happy about it. She may not want him to leave, but he wants to go back.

"That’s kind of the whole point of joining the military is to get involved in conflicts that matter," he told her.

Things ended on a positive and hopeful note, though, with Sam leaving a very sweet letter for her. Critics were loving Rogen's performance as Sam. TV Fanatic wrote that he did a solid job, while agreed, calling him "delightful."

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