02/28/2013 04:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cheesy Boloroni Pizza From Domino's India Contains Macaroni, Vegetarian Meat Sauce (PHOTO)

We're no strangers to novelty pizza creations across the globe. Usually, we have Pizza Hut to thank for giving us such pies as this pizza on top of a pizza in Hong Kong or this amalgam that we can only describe as Pizza Hut topping vomit from Singapore. And who could forget the crown crust?

Finally though, Domino's is getting in on the bizarre pizza game. Available in India, the Cheesy Boloroni Pizza boasts macaroni above the sauce but under the cheese. Their term "boloroni" was coined as a hybrid of "macaroni" and "bolognese" though in this case, the bolognese is actually a vegetarian meat sauce. It's extremely perplexing as to why in a country that doesn't eat much beef, Domino's would choose to evoke the name of Italy's most famous meat sauce. Oh, and there is also barbecue-flavored liquid cheese. A lot is happening here.

cheesy boloroni pizza

Here's the ad for the pizza ... make sure to watch to the end to really see how this craziness is made:

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