02/28/2013 10:23 am ET

Darth Vader Invades Ukraine's Justice Ministry Demanding Recognition Of Internet Party (VIDEO)

Not much may be able to stop Darth Vader in the fictional "Star Wars" universe, but in Ukraine, apparently all it takes is a few security guards.

On Tuesday, an individual dressed as Darth Vader and accompanied by a coterie of Stormtroopers marched on the Ukraine's Justice Ministry and demanded recognition for the Internet Party of Ukraine.

In a video posted on YouTube, Vader and his Stormtroopers are seen approaching the entrance of the Justice Ministry and ordering the security guards to open the doors "In the name of the Emperor," according to a translation by Russia Today. Surrounded by photographers and curious onlookers, the costumed gang are denied entrance and forced to step outside.

Members of the now-defunct Internet Party of Ukraine are reportedly seeking to appeal the ministry's decision to abolish the political party by presenting documents that would provide proof of legitimacy. As Ukraine's English-language news outlet KyivPost reports, "The appearance of Darth Vader in the minister's office seems to be a late response to an August ban of the Internet party."

Launched by former Ukrainian cybercrime boss Dmitry Ivanovich Golubov, the Internet Party was first registered in 2010. According to Russia Today, the party reportedly lost its official status over an issue with its regional offices.

Internet Party activists are known for their theatrical displays and often don "Star Wars" attire to draw attention to their public stunts. In December, Darth Vader handed out canned food and matches in Kiev as part of an effort to save Ukrainians from the rumored Mayan "apocalypse."



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