02/28/2013 02:33 pm ET

Geoffrey Zakarian On Barbecue, Jamie DeRosa, And Plans For A New Miami Restaurant

The life of a chef at South Beach Wine and Food Festival can be frantic -- especially when that chef is a multi-hyphenate wonder like Geoffrey Zakarian, author, Iron Chef, Food Network star, and chef and partner of Manhattan's The National and The Lambs Club NYC.

Between hanging out with fellow chefs (more than a few were spotted at the Deuce, but we're not naming names!), recording a live poolside broadcast of his new Sirius radio show, doling out beef tongue sliders, and hosting Thrillist's BBQ and Blues bash at the Eden Roc, Zakarian was seemingly everywhere in his typically dapper duds. Maybe it's because he knows all the South Beach shortcuts: Zakarian opened Blue Door at the Delano in 1995 and later the critically acclaimed restaurant Tudor House.

HuffPost Miami caught up with the busy chef over the weekend to find out when he might be back in the 305 (spoiler: he's looking!), whose cooking he really loves, and his thoughts on one of Miami's most anticipated new restos.

Miami misses your cooking. Do you miss Miami?
I do miss Miami, but it is so close and so I am just searching for the proper space opportunity -- it will come, but it has to be right.

You've just hosted Thrillist Barbecue & Blues, which is a great bash. Are you a dry rub or a sauce guy? Did anyone's dish surprise you?
I like dry rub, I don't like overly sweet sauces. 1500˚'s taco was amazing.

You've conquered the kitchen, TV, books, and now radio. What do plan to reveal on Sirius?
We have two books in the works, and Sirius and I are working on some future projects. I would love to do our version on a bigger level. We shall see!

You've been instrumental in discovering new talent on TV. What's one piece of advice you'd give young chefs?
It's always the same advice: learn how to cook from a great chef for two to four years. Forget the money, just perfect the trade and your talent -- the rest will follow.

Your Tudor House protege, Jamie DeRosa, is soon opening his own restaurant here in Miami. What can we expect from him?
He is a real talent. I am sure he will make a big splash!

If you had to be marooned on a desert South Beach with another chef, who would you choose and why?
Jonathan Waxman, because that man can make anything taste good!

What's next for you?
Uninterrupted eight hours of sleep!