02/28/2013 12:24 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2013

Florida Man Fights Off Gunman With Glass Cleaner; Gunman Calls 911 (VIDEO)

An armed robber was unable to make a clean getaway after his victim attacked him with a Windex-like substance.

Tuesday Jacques Baillargeon, 66, saw a gunman enter his Lauderdale Lakes home, reports WSVN, and sprayed glass cleaner in the intruder's face, noting "No way this guy is going to touch my wife."

Watch the WSVN 7 video above.

But then the 'Only In Florida' tale gets even stranger.

The surprised intruder, later identified as Nathaniel Lee Smith, 29, dropped his crowbar, ran home, and called 911 to report that his crowbar and black skully cap had been stolen, according to released transcripts.

Smith later confessed to breaking into the Baillargeon's home as well as another residence earlier in the week, reports the Sun Sentinel.

Investigators believe he had tried to do a little damage control by claiming that his crowbar was stolen in order to explain why his prints were all over it.