02/28/2013 09:13 am ET

Homeless Artist Gisberto Bertucci Brightens His Community With Coffee Lid Portraits (VIDEO)

"You think he's just your average homeless guy and you don't pay much attention to him," a Newport Beach resident says in the video above. But homeless artist Gisberto Bertucci is anything but average.

The inspirational Californian has gained a following due to his unusual art project, rendering realistic portraits of Starbucks regulars on coffee lids. Within a few seconds Bertucci, who goes by Bert, captures the likeness of the people around him with ease.

In an interview with The Daily Pilot, Bert explained "with a raspy, booming chuckle" how he perfected his artistic skill without any formal training: "By trying!"

The 70-year-old artist was recently diagnosed with terminal oral cancer, and dreams of spending his final days in his hometown of Italy. Watch Bert touch the people around him with his art and spirit in the video above.

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