02/28/2013 12:36 pm ET

James Gandolfini Visits Marijuana Dispensary In Los Angeles

James Gandolfini was spotted doing a bit of window shopping on Wednesday at a popular little joint in Los Angeles.

The Emmy-winning "Sopranos" star sauntered through The Farmacy, a highly frequented Venice weed dispensary that is reportedly known for being a haven for celebrity patrons. TMZ reports that Gandolfini only browsed and didn't make any purchases, as the actor doesn't have a medical marijuana card and therefore is not eligible to nab any Mary Jane.

A source told TMZ that Gandolfini and a buddy of his had never been inside a weed dispensary and just wanted to check out the sights.

Although Gandolfini didn't actually light up, this is the latest in a string of pot-related headlines involving big-name celebrities. Photos of Justin Bieber smoking the reefer leaked shortly before Christmas and again in early January, sparking speculation as to whether the pop star was acting out in the wake of his breakup with Selena Gomez. Rihanna has seen one marijuana headline after the next, whether it's posting a photo of the bud she received on Valentine's Day or reportedly smoking a joint at a Grammy after-party. Even Olympic champions are joining the green party, with 18-time Gold medalist Michael Phelps caught smoking from a bong in 2009.

Head over to TMZ's report to see a photo of Gandolfini at The Farmacy.



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