02/28/2013 11:04 am ET Updated Feb 28, 2013

John Coale's Cancer: Greta Van Susteren Reveals Husband Battling Disease

Greta Van Susteren revealed on Thursday that her husband John Coale is battling cancer.

She announced the news on her blog. Coale, a well-known Washington lawyer who has advised Sarah Palin, was diagnosed with cancer in December and has been treating it "aggressively," Van Susteren wrote. She explained:

He had 4 or 5 surgeries in January and February and, like in many families, I stayed at night in the hospital with him sleeping in a chair in his room. I worked during all those surgeries (did our show) because I did not want to draw attention to us and have to answer a million questions (I didn’t even know the answers to the questions!) I would do OTR, then after the show drive an hour to the hospital in Baltimore…spend the night in his room….and the next morning…drive home …get dressed…and go to Fox and repeat the cycle after the show. I felt lucky to be able to do that since many families can not.

Van Susteren said that the radiation treatment has been "rough," but the good news is that his cancer is completely curable.

"I have kept it quiet because for much of the time we were just learning about cancer etc. and just busy dealing with it," she added. "When you are in the public eye as I am, it is hard to avoid the publicity when you want privacy."

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