02/28/2013 05:09 am ET Updated Feb 28, 2013

'Modern Family': Elizabeth Banks Returns As Party Girl Sal, But With A Huge Surprise (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Banks stopped by again as Sal in an episode of "Modern Family" that saw Claire's relationships with her daughters evolve. Evolution was at the heart of Sal's arc as well. Sure, she came roaring in in the middle of the night like the party girl she is, but she did so with a ring on her finger.

While there were plenty of panic attacks -- in the form of making out with a bartender -- before the big day, Sal did go through with the marriage. She even wrote her own vows, inspired by her best friends, Cam and Mitchell.

"Marriage terrified me," she said. "Take Mitch and Cam, I used to think their life looked so boring. I could never do it. Pay bills? Wash dishes? Wake up to the same face every day? Blah! I felt sorry for them."

"Where is this headed?" Mitch wondered. It was headed toward Sal realizing how happy and in love they were, even in their "boring" lives.

Across town, Haley seemed to be coming back to Claire in that way that teenagers do as they near adulthood. The two even wound up sharing a meal together. There, they watched that Alex played cello in a pretty cool band. In fact, Alex is pretty cool. They had no idea.

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