02/28/2013 09:23 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2015

Pound Cake Recipes That Give Other Desserts A Run For Their Money

Alexandra Cook's

Pound cake gets its name not because it's heavy, but because of its easy recipe. This cake was originally intended to be made up of a pound of each of its four main ingredients: flour, sugar, butter and eggs. It's the cake that you can make without a recipe -- anywhere, anytime. And for that reason alone it is glorious. Not to mention all the ways you can make it taste better than the tallest of layer cakes and the softest of angel food cakes.

You can amp up a plain pound cake by drizzling it with glaze or dusting it with sugar; you can flavor it with cocoa powder, fruits and even bacon. The possibilities are endless -- and all of them delicious.

Check out these 26 different ways you can make pound cake awesome:

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