02/28/2013 05:48 am ET

'Psych' Premiere: Did Shawn's Father, Henry, Survive The Shooting Last Season? (VIDEO)

Fans had been waiting almost a year to find out Henry's fate on "Psych." Did Shawn's father survive the dramatic shooting? The show didn't waste any time clearing the air, and letting fans breathe a sigh of relief. Henry survived, though he's not in great shape.

"He’s not talking yet. That’s one of the last things to come back," his doctor explained. "He’s writing to communicate. He’s not far from out of the woods. He’s coming along really well, thanks to his remarkable little lady here." The doctor was referring, of course, to Henry's finacee, Chelsea. wrote, "C'mon son, did you really believe Psych would kill off Henry?" They did, however have the first words he gasped after the breathing tube was removed be the words needed to break it off with Chelsea.

All in all, Screencrush thought this was a great start to what they suspect will be one of the last seasons of "Psych," appreciating the running gangs and giving a special shout-out to Woody hovering around with a body bag for Henry -- just in case.

This episode was filled with "Lethal Weapon" references as Shawn's grief pushed him into a very dark place. See what homages are coming up next on "Psych," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on USA.

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