02/28/2013 06:07 pm ET

Tea Party Groups Announce New Effort To Bring Allen West Back To Washington

For a pair of tea party groups, there are only two places former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) belongs: Congress or the White House.

The Tea Party Leadership Fund announced on Wednesday that it was mounting an effort to bring West back into the political fold by showing support for the Republican firebrand, according to U.S. News & World Report. The group, which has contributed money to a variety of fringe conservative efforts, reportedly sent out a fundraising email to supporters along with a "Draft Allen West" petition.

The effort has backing from another group, the Revive America super PAC, which told U.S. News that West might actually be better suited for a White House run.

West conceded his race against Democratic newcomer Patrick Murphy in November, after close vote counts and allegations of botched electoral oversight prolonged the contest for weeks. Shortly thereafter, West received an invitation from the Georgia GOP to explore a political career in the state where he was born. West declined, choosing instead to pursue a career in conservative radio.

In a recent interview with former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, however, West didn't entirely rule out the idea of making another political run.

"If God wants me back on Capitol Hill or wherever, that will happen," West said. "I will always be ready to serve my country in whatever capacity that my fellow Americans would have me serve."