03/01/2013 10:23 am ET

'American Horror Story' Takes On Salem? Season 3 Is About Witch Trials, According To Dylan McDermott

Is "American Horror Story" heading to Salem for Season 3?

Season 1 and Season 2 star Dylan McDermott hinted to E! that "American Horror Story" will center on the Salem witch trials next season.

When E! asked McDermott if he thinks Kathy Bates is "perfect" for the upcoming season of "American Horror Story," he said, "She really is. All the witches of Salem…there's plenty of them!"

Many "American Horror Story" fans have speculated that Salem will be the subject of Season 3 after creator Ryan Murphy told viewers there was a hint about the upcoming season in the "American Horror Story: Asylum" episode, titled "The Name Game."

When a juke box in the rec room played the 1950s classic "I Pull A Spell On You," many audience members believed "American Horror Story" could next tackle the Salem Witch Trials. This isn't the first time that option has been thrown out there: Viewers guessed Salem would be the setting for "American Horror Story" Season 2 after Massachusetts seemed to be a clue in Season 1.

This time around, fans have ever gone so far as to create fake "American Horror Story: Salem" promotional photos and trailers.

Murphy has been tight-lipped about Season 3 specifics, but he did tell Entertainment Weekly in January, "I sorta feel like for the third version I want to do something that’s a little bit more 'evil glamour' ... We're contemplating shooting [Season 3] in a place in the country where true horror has been. We’ve got lots of delicious plans."

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