03/01/2013 05:40 pm ET

Anne Hathaway: Why Is Everyone Hating On Her Success? (VIDEO)

With an Oscar and a Golden Globe to her name, and a perch on top of the Hollywood scene, why does everyone still hate on Anne Hathaway? Her recent film and award season success has unleashed a backlash, including a brutal response on Twitter to her Oscar acceptance speech. On Friday, HuffPost Live host Alicia Mendendez asked what generates that fire. Rich Juzwiak, a writer at, pointed out that no matter how many naysayers she has, Hathaway still is "winning." Juzwiak went on to say that "there would not be a need for a backlash if she weren't so successful, it's in response to that."

Digging deeper into the issue, Margaret Wheeler Johnson, HuffPost Women editor, said that "now she is a person fully in control of her career, who is making a lot of money, and is a woman, and that's a very threatening thing still sometimes in this culture."

Also joining the conversation were Kevin Fallon, a reporter for the Daily Beast, and John Brougher, founder of