03/01/2013 03:30 pm ET

Justin Bieber vs. Justin Timberlake At 19

Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! The singer turns 19 Friday, and he has already been nominated for two Grammys, amassed more than 35 million Twitter followers and has a net worth around $110 million.

This year, Bieber wasn't nominated for any Grammys, where Justin Timberlake stole the show — and soon after the awards, the younger Justin dropped a new track:

Called "You Want Me," the new song is not finished according to Bieber, but it does sound perfectly Timberlake-ian. "It's Justin!" Bieber shouts at the beginning of the track, before adding, quietly, "Bieber." Later on the song, Bieber raps.

Later in February, rumors surfaced that Bieber had taken his new girl to a JT concert in London. The older Justin is 32, so the younger one has more than a few years to catch up — but how does he measure up to the 19-year-old JT, who was a member of 'N Sync and dating Britney Spears at the time?

Justin Bieber through the years