03/01/2013 10:23 am ET

Kim Kardashian Fertility Issues: Reality Star Allegedly Exaggerated Pregnancy Problems (REPORT)

Kim Kardashian's heartfelt disclosure that she suffered fertility issues prior to her pregnancy touched many of her fans. Now, a new report claims the problems were exaggerated for television ratings.

RadarOnline.com reports that Kim exaggerated her fertility problems in order to boost ratings for her E! reality series, "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami." Her ex, Kris Humphries, allegedly believes this lie could be used to his benefit in their upcoming divorce case.

“Kim’s supposed fertility problems were nowhere near as dire as she made them out to be,” a source told Radar. “Yes, her estrogen levels were low, but she had been on the pill for a very, very long time. She was in a healthy normal range though, given she had been on birth control."

The 32-year-old previously revealed she started taking birth control when she was 14 years old.

“Kim absolutely does not have fertility issues like Khloe," Radar's source added. "Kim is going to be grilled over the claims she made by Kris’ attorney at her upcoming deposition, because they believe this goes to the core of their case against her — that’s she’s willing to lie and manipulate the truth for the sake of her career. This could seriously damage Kim’s credibility and bolster Kris’ case that he was duped into marrying her.”

Kris filed for an annulment on the basis of fraud back in November and last month his lawyer claimed that Kardashian was using her unplanned pregnancy to push the divorce through court, Us Weekly reported.

However, things changed in mid-February when the Brooklyn Nets player's attorney, Marshall Waller, quit the case. According to TMZ, sources close to the NBA star claim Waller doesn't believe there is any legal standing for an annulment or evidence of fraud.

Kim first spoke about her fertility struggles in January, admitting that she had dealt with the same infertility issues as Khloe and that getting pregnant with Kanye West's baby came as a "pleasant surprise." Kim is due in July.