03/01/2013 05:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rupert Murdoch Tumblr Will Blow Your Mind

Move over Beyonce — Rupert Murdoch's stolen your Tumblr thunder.

That's right. The octegenarian media mogul may not be known for his successes in the digital arena (The Daily and MySpace, anyone?) but now his chief of staff, Natalie Ravitz, has immortalized his every move in a new Tumblr, "Murdoch Here." Apparently that's what the man himself says when he picks up the phone.

Through Ravitz's eyes, we see not the snarling tycoon Murdoch's critics see. Rather, we get a happy-go-lucky chap who jets around the world doing fun thinga.

Here he is with athletes!
rupert murdoch

Here he is with Wolverine! rupert murdoch hugh jackman

Here he is, er, teaching his employees to shear sheep! (We admit to being weirded out here.)

rupert murdoch

Here he is forming one of the most exciting trios of middle-aged-to-elderly white men with glasses we've ever seen!

rupert murdoch

See more of Rupert's wacky life at "Murdoch Here."



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