03/01/2013 08:36 am ET

Seal An Envelope With Clear Nail Polish So You Never Have A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

We know it seems like the whole world has gone completely paperless, but we still enjoy sending a good old letter, note or card in the mail. It just seems to add a personal touch that email can't always achieve. And while we enjoy taking a classic pen to pad every now and then, we don't exactly enjoy the old-fashion way of sealing the envelope. Luckily, Instructables found a fun way to seal an envelope without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Simply apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to the flap of the packaging. This will keep it as secure as wetting it with your tongue would -- if not more. In fact, Wise Bread noted that if the envelope is already fastened and you need to open it, you can use the polish to re-close it. Normally, if you've licked the back, it's almost impossible to re-seal once opened.

This trick is wonderful if you don't have a glue stick handy. And proves that nail polish isn't just to help you get beautified, but it's also really useful to have around the house.

Click through our slideshow to see other repurposing ideas. And be sure to head over to Instructbles and Wise Bread for more uses for nail polish.

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