03/01/2013 06:15 am ET

'Swamp People': Five Headshots Doesn't Slow Down This Massive Gator (VIDEO)

It was mortal humans versus a super-gator on "Swamp People." Or at least that's what it must have felt like for Liz and Jess Cavalier. The women were taking plenty of shots at the gator, but it kept coming. While it might have been easy to assume that they must have been missing, they weren't. In fact, these were headshots, and they just weren't slowing the beast down at all.

"Five hits, and the beast is still unphased," the narrator said. The women couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Not only did the bullets not slow the beast down, they didn't scare it either. In fact, the alligator just continued swimming right at the women, until it came right up to the boat. This, of course, proved its undoing.

Once it was close enough, they were able to hook him and finally get that kill shot. Still, it was an impressive display of resilience and stubbornness.

The battle between man and gator continues every week on "Swamp People," Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on History.

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