03/01/2013 05:57 pm ET

Teen Fiction: 'To Reach The Top'

This is a regular column featuring original poetry and fiction by and for teens, provided by Figment, the online community writing site for young readers and writers.

By Dana

Freshman year. It was the real thing, it was what mattered. The people you chose to be a group of reflected who you wanted to be. There were the band people, there were the geeks, there were the average people, there were the creepy gangsters, and there were the popular people -- the people on top. Choose to be with these people, and choose to be popular. It was that simple.

At least, that’s what Ana had heard.

Graduating 8th grade felt like some sort of ceremony. Saying bye to teachers you never want to say bye to, scoffing at teachers you’re glad you’re rid of, hugging your closest friends, and glaring at your worst enemies. It was the day you told the world: this is it.

That’s why when the bell rang at 2:40 pm on June 20th, she just smiled and ran straight out the door. She’d said her good-byes, had seen every classroom the last time, and now it was time for vacation. A nice, long, two and a half month summer vacation.

In fact, Ana had one thing left to say that moment. Two words, two words she’d been waiting to say for so long...thank GOD.

It was over and done with. She didn’t have to deal with it. High school was going to be the spark of her popular life. She was going to have a ton of friends, say hello to every person she can say hello to in the halls. She was going to know the whole school’s name, be best friends with some of the coolest kids ever.

She just had to study.

Oh yeah. Ana Blare had been planning this summer vacation for three long years. The vacation where she studied exactly how to be popular. How to get where she wanted to get.

Ana darted into her friend Olivia’s car, and smiled, buckling in quickly.

“Hey girl!” She hugged her friend. Olivia grinned.

“Happy last day! I cannot believe it’s over. Three YEARS, Ana! Three years of middle school to deal with, and now…” She let out a deep breath. “We are officially Freshmen.”


Olivia glanced over at her mom, then whispered to Ana, “Wait, are you still doing the ‘Popular in Ten Steps?'” She raised her eyebrows. Ana smiled.

“Oh yeah.” She laughed a little. “It’s going to be great.” She inhaled, then blurted out what she had wanted to say for too long. “Can you help me?”

Olivia smirked. She was super popular. She knew everybody, had six different posses, and yet still kept Ana as a best friend.

“I was wondering when you’d ask.”

“OMG, YOU SUCK! Why didn’t you just offer?” Ana slapped her friend’s arm lightly in fake anger. “I totally just took three years to ask that!”

“It was pretty amusing.”

“You are pure EVIL.”

“Hmm. It helps, you know.” Olivia’s mom stopped at her house. They got out of the black Land Rover, and slowly made their way into Olivia’s mansion.


“With the popularity!” Olivia rolled her eyes. “Seriously, what else were we talking about?!”

“I get distracted.” Ana shrugged, grinning.

“Whatever. Come on.” Olivia threw her door open, and they entered the marble hallway. The two girls darted to Olivia’s bedroom, in the very top of the four story house. Once they were in, Olivia slammed the door, and the two girls sat on the fluffy lavender bed. Olivia’s bedroom was totally purple and white themed. The walls were lavender with a thin white swirly design, and the windows were tinted light purple. The entire room had the scent of vanilla and lavender mixed, producing a light, summer-y smell. The carpet was clean, ivory white, and didn’t have a speck of lint. The bed was super fluffy and had a lavender quilt with white pillows filled with lavender leaves.

Above the bed was a purple lame hanging from the tall, white ceiling. The desk was white painted wood, and had light violet shelves to hold papers. The spinning chair was also light purple, matching all the lavender lamps in hanging from the ceilings in every corner of the room. The door was white, and had Olivia in light purple cursive on it. The handle was painted lavender, and the entire room pretty much blinded Ana with purple and white.

“Okay, so….” Ana made a motion with her hands that sort of meant, “How do we start this?”.

Olivia understood without even looking at the gesture. “You want to reach 'The Top' next year. You want to know everyone in the school. You want to be in THE posse, and then be in every other posse too. You want to be friends with 'the populars.' Well, let me tell you, Ana. If you want to be friends with the populars…”

Olivia grinned. “Then you need to make a few enemies first.”