03/01/2013 11:37 am ET

The Armory Show's Liz Magic Laser Focus Group Is Just Like A Focus Group

“It’s a trade show.”
“It’s makes me feel really gross.”
“It’s trophy day.”

That’s a focus group of New York’s most respected art critics, PhDs, organizers and agents of creative institutions talking about the 100th Armory Show. It demystifies the reasons why some of us feel a disconnect strolling between hundreds of art pieces in a giant warehouse and it is, simply, duh… We may be cruising for a soul fix, but a business is a business, and those are some highly niche products being sold at the Armory. Seems like the big focus of the fair isn’t to positively engage critics, promote cultural discourse and move people — it’s to move goods, to attract the lucrative attentions of people who can afford to purchase the art.