03/01/2013 08:35 pm ET

West Oakland Trash Prompts Resident To Organize Tour To Highlight Illegal Dumping

Forget the art walk, one Oakland resident is organizing a tour de trash.

Activist Shirley Burnell is taking the city's waste problems into her own hands, and has invited city officials on the Waste Management team to walk through sites of illegal dumping.

"We are not going to take it; we are going to be in their faces to make sure they do their jobs," Burnell told KTVU.

The streets in West Oakland are home to a wide array of waste: old mattresses, dressers, clothing and couches. The problem has proven difficult to manage: residents say eliminated trash reappears the next day.

The dumping debacle is not a new problem in Oakland. Last year, the City Council brainstormed solutions ranging from installing cyclone fencing to posting flyers to address the problem. Senator Loni Hancock introduced a mattress recovery and recycling bill last year. The programs received mixed reviews.

"We have to be more punitive," Oakland businessman Michael Herlin told the San Francisco Chronicle last year. "There's no reason for illegal dumpers to stop."

Currently, Oakland provides pickup services to residents living in single family homes and occupants of two to four building units, according to the city's web site.

"It's a tough problem and there's no one solution," Waste Management of Alameda District Manager Tom Ridder told KTVU