03/01/2013 03:37 am ET

'What Not To Wear': 'Family Ties' Star Tina Yothers Needs To Ditch The Black And Find Some Color (VIDEO)

Tina Yothers described herself as the everygirl that teens could relate to during her appearance on "What Not to Wear." She was the kid who was a little oveweight, or struggling with acne during her run on "Family Ties." And it was during those formative years on the show that she started to gravitate toward black for her wardrobe. Now, it seems to be all she wears.

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly noticed that she didn't really seem to have a style, unless covering up in large clothing is a style.

"I spent my life, my childhood on television with the stylist and the wardrobe department. I just never grabbed on to any particular look," Yothers admitted.

Though she didn't know it was coming, after watching footage of herself and talking about her style, Yothers knew it was time for something different. So she embraced the process and even the color choices Stacy and Clinton introduced. It was a true transformation that transformed her from a frumpy mom into a beautiful woman, and she loved it.

See more makeover magic every Thursday on "What Not to Wear" at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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