03/02/2013 09:18 am ET

'Jack The Giant Slayer' Reviews, '21 And Over,' Johnny Marr's 'The Messenger' and More: The Week In Ouch

Another week, another round of harsh critiques. In music, Theme Park released their self titled album this week, a project packed with upbeat tracks that many critics felt lacked enough substance to really stand out. Johnny Marr's "The Messenger" received some of the strongest reviews this week, but the project was viewed as more of a homage to his earlier sounds that anything really new from the rocker. Sally Shapiro received negative marks for the repetitive sound of the songs on "Somewhere Else" and Ed Harcourt's "Back into the Woods" quickly lost its luster after a few songs.

At the cinema, "Jack The Giant Slayer" received negative takes from most reviewers, owing mostly to a storyline that failed to emotionally impact audiences. "21 And Over" was deemed a ludicrous, immature film worthy of no one's time and "Phantom" contained numerous missteps that caused the film to lose steam.

For these reviews and more, take a spin through the gallery below. Do you agree with the critics this week? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

The Week In Ouch