03/03/2013 11:38 am ET Updated Mar 03, 2013

Nicki Minaj Fires Stylist, Hairdresser & Makeup Artist To Be Taken 'Seriously'


Do you like Nicki Minaj's look? Turns out, the artist herself isn't even a fan.

The "Super Bass" singer has decided to fire her stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist in one fell swoop, The Sun reports. The reasoning? "Nicki is desperate to be taken seriously as an artist," a source told the UK tabloid. We can't say we blame her -- the woman's style signature is pasties. Plus, whoever helped her choose her AMA dress didn't exactly do her homework...

The source explained to The Sun:

“She’s fired her long-standing hairdresser who has been responsible for some of her crazy hairstyles over the years. She’s also fired her stylist. Nicki feels that now she’s done with 'American Idol' she can finally be taken seriously and release a proper hip-hop album.”

This alleged restructuring comes just after Nicki's declaration that she did not have any plastic surgery (on her face, that is). Perhaps she's trying to have a more "real girl" image? If so, we imagine all of the risky cleavage, pouffy dresses and wild wigs will stay in her cotton-candy closet from now on.

As of now, the reports haven't been confirmed by Ms. Minaj's camp, so we might have another Cameron Diaz-Rachel Zoe scenario on our hands. If so, things might get a little awkward for Nicki's style entourage.

Do you think her style is preventing her from being taken seriously?

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