03/04/2013 04:14 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2013

Comedian Adam Hills Bashes Joan Rivers Over Negative Comments About Adele's Weight (VIDEO)

Joan Rivers is no stranger to controversy, but the comedian has been a regular target of criticism in recent weeks for her negative comments.

First, Rivers faced backlash after she referenced the Holocaust when commenting on Heidi Klum's dress during an episode of E!'s "Fashion Police." Now, Australian comedian Adam Hills is attacking Rivers for her statements about Adele's weight, Ninemsn notes.

During his weekly television show "The Last Leg," Hills pointedly lambasted Rivers for her jokes about Adele's size.

"If you make fat jokes about Adele, you're being a d***," Hills said. "And I'm referring to you, Joan Rivers."

However, Hills did not stop there.

"Adele is one of the very few women in pop music I want my daughter to look up to and you're making jokes about the way she looks when you're so insecure about your own face you've spent more money on it than the producers of Life of Pi spent on that tiger," he continued. "Get a plastic surgeon to manufacture yourself a new soul."

Last week, Rivers appeared on the "The Late Show with David Letterman," where she reminisced on her Oscars experience. When Rivers mentioned that she had met Adele, she made a gesture with her arms in reference to the singer's weight.

The move elicited groans from the audience, and Letterman also appeared visibly uncomfortable (though he himself has made his fair share of fat jokes in the past).

But the jabs didn't stop there. Rivers continued to make fun of the British singer's weight, commenting that Adele should change her song's name to "Rolling In The Deep Fried Chicken."

As the Mirror notes, this is not the first time Rivers has picked on Adele for her weight. After the singer gave birth in October, Rivers tweeted: "Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy."

However, critics waiting for Rivers to apologize for her most recent Adele comments shouldn't hold their breath. Rivers isn't one to retract her irksome statements, most recently refusing to apologize for her Klum Holocaust joke that was deemed "vulgar and offensive."

Watch the video above to listen to what else Hills had to say about Rivers. (Warning: The clip contains graphic language that may not be suitable for certain audiences.)



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