03/04/2013 01:27 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

Dresses Worn Backwards: Sigourney Weaver & Other Celebs Who Have Tried The Trend (PHOTOS)

You'd think one of the simplest parts of getting dressed is putting your clothes on the right direction. But last week yet another high-profile woman, "BBC Breakfast" star Susanna Reid, was photographed wearing her dress backwards.

She later tweeted that the reverse dressing was completely unintentional, but you have to forgive us for thinking it might have been on purpose: Plenty of stars have worn their dresses backwards intentionally.

Sometimes it's a fashion statement, other times it's an accident... and more often than not, it's a bad idea. Take Sigourney Weaver's SAG awards dress that everyone assumed was worn backwards (it's still unclear). It looked so wrong because it was so unflattering, with a high neck in the front and a v-neck in the back. Had the star chosen to wear the dress the other way around, the Lanvin frock might have made our Best-Dressed List.

In most cases we are against this Hollywood trend, but in some rare instances it can work. Hat tip to Rachel Bilson, who rocked a Chanel dress backwards and actually made us envious of her creative sense of style. Angelina Jolie also took the plunge and intentionally reversed her dress, having a Hilary Swank-type moment on the red carpet.

So do any of these celebs make you want to try this trend? See our photos below of other stars wearing clothing in all sorts of bizarre ways.

Celebs Who Wore Their Clothes Backwards

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