03/04/2013 07:24 am ET

'Finding Bigfoot': Eyewitness Video Footage Of Bigfoot Lures The Team To Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

A recording filmed by two men in Pennsylvania perked the interest of the team enough on "Finding Bigfoot" to warrant a trip to the state. The video showed a rather clear image of Bigfoot moving through the woods, similar to the most famous video footage of the creature.

"There are things about that figure that kind of point towards Bigfoot," Cliff Barackman said. "The arms are swinging nice and wide. The leg is bent when the weight is on it, and the trailing leg bends almost 90 degrees at every step."

But it was disappointment for the team after they interviewed the witnesses and tested out some of their explanations. One of the biggest indicators was that during a recreation of the alleged Bigfoot from the video, Bobo Fay turned out to be taller than what the 'Squatch would have been in the video.

In the end, they declared the video a hoax. They figured it was probably a person in a suit, the most classic of Bigfoot hoaxes for footage reminiscent of the most classic of Bigfoot footage.

The search continues on "Finding Bigfoot," Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Animal Planet.

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