03/04/2013 06:05 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

Illinois Billionaires 2013: Forbes List Of The World's Wealthiest Includes More Than A Dozen Illinoisans (PHOTOS)

In Forbes' recently-released list of the world's billionaires, there were some expected results (Mexican media mogul Carlos Slim and Microsoft's Bill Gates are still on top) as well is a few surprises (more than ten new individuals joined the ten-figure club last year).

Among the lengthy list of the "1,426 people who control the world economy," there was a healthy slice of filthy rich Illinoisans, with a total of 17 making this year's list.

(See the list of Illinois' richest below.)

The Pritzker family, which made its fortune primarily with the Hyatt Hotel empire, dominated the list of those most loaded in the Land of Lincoln.

Noticeably missing from this year's list is Oprah; though DNAinfo Chicago notes the queen of daytime reportedly still has the keys to a “massive duplex” in Streeterville, Forbes rubbed "Chicago" from the star's location and has re-listed the world's 503rd richest person as a Californian.

The list remained largely unchanged from last year's lineup, with several moguls shifting spaces, mostly falling further down the overall list. Taking the biggest tumble: Eric Lefkofsky.

According to Forbes' listing, Groupon's acting chairman and co-founder lost about a billion dollars since last year and fell from Illinois' number two spot to the back of the line. Still, losing a billion dollars isn't bad in context: Groupon's founder Andrew Mason lost his entire job last week and was shown the door with just $376.36 in severance.

Illinois Billionaires 2013