03/04/2013 01:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jessica Chastain's Boyfriend Makes His Public Debut, Joins Actress At Paris Fashion Week (PHOTO)

It wasn't until the Oscars that we learned Jessica Chastain is "very, very happy" with her current boyfriend, Italian fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo. "It's a wonderful thing when a career does so well and your personal life goes so well," Chastain added at the time.

Yesterday, at the Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week, Chastain finally showed off her attractive main man in public.

This wasn't the couple's first public outing, as Chastain took Preposulo to the Women In Film pre-Academy Awards celebration, but no joint photos came out of the locked up event. This is the first we've seen the twosome together, and they definitely look like a match:

jessica chastain boyfriend

The "Zero Dark Thirty" heroine, who lost the Academy Award to Jennifer Lawrence, walked the Oscars red carpet last month with her grandmother. It was reported that Chastain's Italian boyfriend, 31, didn't accompany her because the two want to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

We did, however, find this little gem, a photo we can only imagine was taken after the ceremony when the temperatures dropped and it got a little chilly for Chastain in her strapless gown.

jessica chastain boyfriend

Gian Luca is a fashion executive for French label Moncler, according to PopSugar. The two have been dating for a while, and according to Us Weekly are "getting serious."



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