03/04/2013 12:54 pm ET

Madeleine McCann Sighting In Cyprus; Police Alert Interpol

The international search for missing girl Madeleine McCann turned to Cyprus after a tourist claimed he saw a girl resembling her traveling with a British family, AFP reported.

Police on the Mediterranean island alerted Interpol of the possible sighting of McCann, who was almost 4 years old when she vanished from an apartment in Portugal rented by her parents for a vacation in 2007.

Cyprus police got a call from a British tourist that he'd seen McCann -- perhaps the world's most famous missing child -- on Feb. 20 with a couple and two other children at the popular beach destination of Ayia Napa, the Mirror wrote.

Scotland Yard declined to provide any details about the latest sighting, the Telegraph reported.

Portuguese authorities closed their investigation into McCann's disappearance in 2008, noting that her parents weren't suspects. But a retired British lawyer circulated allegations they were responsible. Last month, the lawyer was found guilty of violating court orders by blaming the parents in letters he posted online.

Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, have kept up a well-publicized quest to find their daughter. Due to their efforts, sightings of Madeleine are reported all over the world.

After a New Zealand girl with same eye defect as McCann was twice mistaken for her, Scotland Yard requested DNA tests on the ringer. Those tests, revealed last month, proved that the look-alike was not McCann.



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