03/04/2013 10:55 pm ET

Naveen Andrews Joins 'Reckless' For ABC And More Pilot Casting News

"Lost" star Naveen Andrews is back in business with ABC, having been cast in the network's new drama pilot, "Reckless."

The pilot centers around David (Patrick Fugit) and his desperate mission to free his wife, Sara (Eloise Mumford), after she's unfairly imprisoned during a political coup overseas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrews will play "Roland, a renegade who will do what ever it takes -- for a price -- to rescue David's kidnapped wife, Sara. He's a British national and former Secret Air Service member who works as an illegal mercenary in some of the world's deadliest locations who is wanted in about a dozen countries."

In other pilot news ...

Lili Taylor joins Fox's futuristic cop pilot. The "Six Feet Under" star will play "Maldonado, an ambitious and determined police captain who is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good," in the project from "Fringe" EP Joel Wyman and J.J. Abrams. [EW]

UK "Being Human" star boards James Caan comedy. Lenora Crichlow will play "Gigi Fernandez-Lovette, a fashionably fabulous beauty" who becomes friends with Terry (Maggie Lawson), the show's central character. Lawson's character is a single mom who moves in with her father (Caan) following her divorce and starts coaching her son's Little League team. [TVLine]

NBC finds their "About a Boy" boy in "1600 Penn" star. Benjamin Stockham will play Marcus in the pilot based on the Hugh Grant film of the same name. Though Stockham's casting is in second position to his role as Xander Gilchrist on "1600 Penn," it's not a great vote of confidence for the struggling political comedy. [THR]

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