03/04/2013 04:58 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

'The Walking Dead': Rick Comes Face-To-Face With Morgan (VIDEO)

In a quiet episode of "The Walking Dead" that took a break from the mounting bodycount and the escalating war between Woodbury and the prison, Rick and Carl headed out with Michonne to stock up on weapons and supplies. But this was no ordinary supply run, as they were heading back to Rick and Carl's hometown. There, they ran into an unexpected face from the first season.

Morgan saved Rick's life in the beginning of this whole thing, before Rick had even found Lori and Carl. Morgan brought Rick into his home and introduced him to his own son, Duane. Now, Morgan is a broken man living in an impressively booby-trapped building. He'd lost Duane to a zombie bite -- tragically, it was his wife who'd bitten their son. Rick had urged Morgan to kills his wife's zombie, but he couldn't do it, and his son paid the ultimate price.

It was an exploration into sanity in this crazy world, and that's something Rick has been struggling with. "Morgan is a shell of the man that he once was, and it's like a mirror to Rick's story," The Hollywood Reporter said. Slate saw the same mirroring of Rick's fragile state, writing, "The whole focus of the hour was on character and how the new world has changed people. It gave Rick a reflection on what could happen if he continues to fall into insanity."

Carl warmed up to Michonne when the two took off for a baby supply run. He took a detour to secure a picture of his family, but it was Michonne who risked life and limb to go back in and retrieve it. Carl later told Rick that he thought Michonne was one of them. This may be the impetus Rick needed to soften his stance on her and allow Michonne to stay a part of the group. It was certainly a good sign that he let her drive. After all, as he said, he sees things.

The war kicks back into gear next on "The Walking Dead," Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.

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