03/05/2013 06:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jacob Goertzen, 22-Year-Old Nebraska Man, Wins $1000 Lottery On A 20 Cent Bet (PHOTO)

A small town boy won big from a tiny gamble.

Yesterday, Jacob Goertzen posted to Reddit the story of how he turned 20 cents into $1006 at the slots on Sunday night. The 22-year-old from Nebraska made a special trip from Lincoln to Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, for a friend’s 21st birthday and ended up going home with his pockets full of winnings.

“Going into it I kind of thought 1000 dollars would be all I needed,” he told HuffPost, “It was just luck that it turned out that way.”

Jacob, who works full-time at The Isles Pub & Pizza in Lincoln and comes from an admittedly humble financial situation, set a spending limit for his second visit to a casino. He arrived with a strict budget of $120, and when he was down to his last three, he hit the jackpot.

“I bet 20 cents because it was the lowest bet and I had $3 left. I just hit random buttons and at first I was looking at the screen like, ‘Did I just win this?’”

Story continues after photo.
jacob goertzen wins

After making an appearance in a quick victory photo, Jacob's winnings went straight to the bank where he says they'll stay saved for a rainy day. "I plan to save as much as I can," he said and hopes he can use it for some good down the road.

The next day Jacob's karma explosion continued on Reddit, where his post garnered heaps of attention. However, while some offered whole-hearted congratulations, others took the opportunity to attack his good fortune.

“Honestly I kind of expected the negative [comments]. Reddit is an awesome place, but there are people who are there to hate.” But even where his post drew criticism, Jacob remained positive and responded to each commenter with respectful words.

He wrote, “I treat people how I want to be treated and I ask for nothing in return... I'd say it's working out well so far!”

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