03/05/2013 04:47 pm ET

Ben Stiller, Rafael Nadal Play Juan Martīn del Potro And Young Girl In Doubles Match At BNP Paribas (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Should you ever find yourself needing a celebrity partner with whom to play doubles tennis, you may want to steer clear of Ben Stiller.

In a humorous turn of events at the BNP Paribas Showdown in New York City on Monday, professional tennis player Rafael Nadal invited Stiller out of his seat for a doubles matchup against Juan Martīn del Potro and a young girl, who was also plucked from the stands.

According to USA Today, the two teams duked it out for three points; the girl earned one point, as did Stiller. The third point went to del Potro's team on an unforced error by Stiller.

Sports Illustrated notes the 9 year-old girl, Rebecca Suarez, made a couple impressive shots at the net, earning praise from ESPN announcers. She also kept her composure in the midst of Stiller's friendly attempts to intimidate her.

After the quick exhibition, all four met at the net for handshakes. Del Potro hoisted the young girl to his shoulder for a quick victory lap set to the cheers of the crowd.

As BuzzFeed's Kevin Lincoln points out, Rebecca did an impeccable job of keeping her focus.

"If I tried to return a shot from Rafa Nadal at [Madison Square Garden], I'd accidentally smack myself in the face with my racket," he quipped.

Watch video of the friendly competition above, or check out the photos below:



Ben Stiller and Rafael Nadal play Juan Martin del Potro and Rebecca Suarez

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