03/05/2013 09:02 am ET

HuffPost Deathmatch: Which Domestic Beer Is King?

When it comes to beer, we tend to be very loyal. If someone's a PBR person, that's what they're going to buy. If Budweiser is their brew of choice, nothing else is going to taste as good. We here at HuffPost Taste even did a blind taste test to see if our favorite beers really tasted the best. Many of us learned that our beer choices weren't always the best tasting, but that hasn't stopped us from buying our brand.

This taste test is for all you beer loyalists -- speak your mind. Vote for your favorite beer and help it make its way to the number one spot. If you don't see your favorite, that's only because we were limited to eight spots (which is definitely not enough for a beer deathmatch). Instead, vote for your second favorite.

The beers in this deathmatch were selected based upon a report produced by SymphonyIRI Group, that ranked the top selling domestic beers. They are the top eight best-selling domestic beers.

This is how the deathmatch works:

  • Round one begins today (March 5) -- vote right now!
  • Round two begins Wednesday, March 6, 12am EST.
  • Round three begins Thursday, March 7, 12 am EST.
  • Friday morning, we'll announce the winning beer!

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