03/05/2013 12:16 pm ET Updated May 05, 2013

Birds With Beer Cans Around Their Necks Found In The Florida Keys (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Two birds are recovering in the Florida Keys after they were found with beer cans stuck around their necks.

"This was done on purpose!" Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue director Maya Totman told WSVN. "Whoever did that -- that's sick!"

The pelican and herring gull were found Monday by Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge visitors who happened to notice cans of Busch Light with the tops and bottoms cut off stuck on the birds, stifling them, according to the rescue.

A visitor used his Swiss army knife to remove the cans. The rescue reports that the pelican was showing signs of avian botulism and was semi-paralyzed, but has been fed through a tube and should be released in a couple weeks.

The gull was emaciated, but given an IV and fed fish soup through a tube. It is also expected to recover.

"I have seen so many different injuries in different types of wildlife, but nothing like this," Totman said in a statement.

She also said that the previous day she had responded to the same area to find an osprey that had been shot twice by a BB gun. Both pellets were removed.

According to the Miami Herald, the fish camp is organizing a watch to protect birds there from further mischief.

Birds Found With Beer Cans Around Their Necks