03/05/2013 09:42 am ET

Chris Bosh Videobombs Dwyane Wade Interview With Robot After Heat Defeat T-Wolves (VIDEO)

Not only are the Miami Heat playing better basketball than any team in the NBA, but they also seem to be having the most fun.

After the Heat pulled way from the Timberwolves for its franchise-record 15th straight win, Chris Bosh celebrated by videobombing an interview with Dwyane Wade. Rather than just lurking in the background sporting a sinister expression, Bosh broke out the robot dance and came right into the foreground of the frame.

“I watched a lot of TV growing up, so it’s like I can feel what looks good on TV,” Bosh previously told the Palm Beach Post about his videobombing habit. “And I like to be goofy, too.”

Considered alongside the team's epic edition of the Harlem Shake and all those pre-game dunks, this videobombing is just one more example of how loose this team is as it roars toward the postseason.



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