03/05/2013 11:47 am ET

Chris Christie: Sequester Negotiation Needs 'Real Leadership' (VIDEO)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) doesn't understand why the federal government hasn't come up with a solution for sequestration.

At a Jersey City press conference, Christie said he believes "real leadership" needs to be taken in Washington in order to make the best of the budget cuts.

"I don't have the first damn idea of what they're doing down there," Christie said. "Real leadership would get this fixed. Get everyone in a room and you fix it."

Christie slammed federal lawmakers, including President Barack Obama, for being unable to come up with an answer to the country's economic problems, saying the government is "in awful shape."

The governor added that his state has handled similar situations with much greater success.

"We've done much harder things in New Jersey, in much shorter periods of time and dealt with our budgetary problems," Christie said. "The federal government should get real about starting to deal with their budgetary problems."

At the same press conference, Christie touted his state's own budgetary success, particularly New Jersey's dedication of $50 million to support health care centers. He also bashed Obama for his "photo-op with congressional leadership" Friday, hours before sequestration went into effect.



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