03/05/2013 09:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Bowie & Tracey Emin: UK Artist Celebrates Release Of 'The Next Day' With Harper's Bazaar Cover Tribute (PHOTO)

To celebrate "The Next Day," David Bowie's first album in 10 years, UK artist Tracey Emin worked with Harper's Bazaar to showcase her personal tribute to the singer. The limited-edition cover is only available at the V&A Museum, where an exhibit dedicated to David Bowie is currently on view. Lucky Londoners can spy Emin's signature neon hearts surrounding the words "You Loved Me Like a Distant Star" glowing on a black background.

Emin has created 200 covers for the April edition of the magazine, along with a two-page article recalling her first meeting with Mr. Bowie when she was 32 years old. The story goes that Bowie approached Emin while she was with a group of friends, saying, "Hello, my name's David Bowie, sorry to interrupt. But Tracey, I’d just like to say I really appreciate your work.”

david bowie tracey emin

April Cover, Harper's Bazaar

She goes on to describe her enduring friendship with "The Man Who Fell to Earth," explaining the modest means of transportation he would use to visit her:

“He said, ‘Yes I often travel by Tube. I wear a baseball cap and read a Greek newspaper. The most hassle I ever had was some guy saying ‘Oi mate, has anyone ever told you you’re a dead ringer for David Bowie?'”

You can check out Emin's article in full here, and listen to a snippet from Bowie's album ahead of the record's March 12 release date here.

David Bowie Through The Years


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