03/05/2013 09:05 am ET

Undocumented Immigrants Are Touring The Northeast To Tell Their Story

BROCKTON — They boarded a bus and traveled to four states, completing a 500-mile loop back to Boston, 10 families carrying their own stories of hiding in the shadows, living under the cloud of deportation and the possibility that their families could be separated at any given time.

“I’m worried about a knock on the door,” said 31-year-old Sandra Gomez, an illegal immigrant from Honduras who lives in Boston with her husband and two children. After stepping off the bus Monday morning and grabbing a breakfast of fruit from a small buffet table inside the Haitian Assembly of God Church on Court Street in Brockton, Gomez told her story.

She and the other families visited Nashua, New Haven, Providence, Worcester, Brockton, and, at the tour’s last stop, East Boston. They spoke about their plight and the need for immigration changes. The New England Keeping Families ­Together Bus Tour started Saturday morning, leaving from downtown Boston. The tour was organized by the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition.

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