03/05/2013 05:50 pm ET

Vladimir Lenin's Breathing Statue Goes on Display in Moscow (VIDEO)

Soviet nostalgia is nothing new for Moscow. An embalmed body of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin has been on display in Moscow’s Red Square since his passing in 1924. The mausoleum has drawn millions of spectators over the years, but was recently closed for repairs. In a more disturbing development, there is now life-size wax alternative at Moscow’s Exhibition Center. However, unlike it’s American counterparts that can be found at Madame Tussauds this wax creation “breathes.”

The eerily animated wax effigy is displayed in a dark room replica of Lenin’s final resting place. Drawing mixed reactions, reluctant curiosity seems to be a common theme in public’s response to the installation. According to the museum administrator Elena Klemnisheva interest in the work is quite high.

"Tastes differ. Some like it, some are afraid to enter at first but then enter and leave with a smile," said Klemnisheva. "It's interesting to look at a breathing Lenin. This is the centerpiece of our museum." It's anyone's guess how will the statue’s popularity hold up once the mausoleum is reopened at the end of April.

Which would you say is creepier: a breathing wax sculpture or an embalmed body of a soviet leader that has been dead for 89 years?



Breathing Lenin Exhibit In Moscow