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5 Annoying Roommate Habits


By Stefanie Williams for

Remember when you were, like, two weeks away from moving into your dorm freshman year, and your biggest worry is “will my roommate be a tool?" I remember those days. Before Facebook, you had no idea if housing paired you with the coolest person ever or a person from whom you would somehow contract scabies. It was pretty scary shit. I was lucky. My freshman year roommate was a saint, and I lived with my best friends during the next three years. We had our moments, but all were easily snuffed out with a quick talk and a couple beers at Bentley’s.

Post-college living is no different. Moving in with someone at any age can be a huge pain in the ass. Everyone has their own living habits, their own shady, behind-closed-doors behavior. It’s a matter of balancing those habits with a little normalcy, understanding and respect. Some people get lucky, and some people get Hedy from "Single White Female." It really can be a terrifying crap shoot of either ending up with a new best friend or possibly requiring a restraining order to get pairs of your underwear back.

When I moved into my UES apartment in 2011, I was extremely lucky. I moved in with my two good friends who happened to be brother and sister. They were living in a gorgeous three-bedroom duplex and needed a third when their other brother moved out. I was so stoked that they were giving me the opportunity to break out of my mom’s house, I did everything I could to be a good roommate. My bartending schedule meant I wasn’t home at night, so my friends and I had space away from each other. It was a great situation. We all pulled our weight, kept the apartment clean and had a great time together.

When Craig announced that he would be moving in with his girlfriend in June, I got stressed. I didn’t know if it would be easy to replace Craig, but I knew Michelle and I loved our apartment and didn't want to move. But after posting a note on Facebook, I got a couple hits, and we seemed to find someone who sounded great.

Clearly, I had been spoiled with Craig. Ten long months later, I have learned some valuable lessons about roommates. Here are five sure signs you’re a shitty roommate, especially if you're a guy living with chicks.

5 Signs You're A Terrible Roommate

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