03/06/2013 10:37 pm ET

Alex Beckett, Intellectually Disabled Student Athlete, Scores For High School's Basketball Team (VIDEO)

Alex Beckett, an intellectually disabled high school student from Connecticut, made history last month when he scored a two-point basket for Guilford High's basketball team.

Not only was Alex in the starting line-up at Guilford's junior varsity game, he was also the first to score for the team -- which thrilled his teammates, the school administration and his many supporters.

A year ago the New Haven Register introduced readers to Alex as a student who suffers from autism and developmental challenges but also loves to cheer on his school's sports teams. At 6'4" Alex seems made to play the court, but he spent much of his high school career helping Guilford's lacrosse and basketball teams out at home games and supporting the players from the sidelines.

Since then he's become the "first student athlete with an intellectual disability to play in a high school game in the state of Connecticut."

“He just brings positive energy to the field,” Guilford alum A.J. Wilcox told the Register. “We can’t really ask much from him, but he’s always bringing a smile to everyone, helps lift our spirit. He’s pretty much ‘The Man’ on team. Everyone loves him.”



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