03/06/2013 02:21 pm ET

Beemster's Dancing Cows Greet Spring Greens With Unrestrained Joy (VIDEO)

There's something about the first greenery of spring that awakens a profound joy in all of us -- cows included.

And even though it's not quite spring just yet (that officially happens March 20), we're happy to dredge this video out of the archives in anticipation of warmer weather.

The video from 2010, which recently resurfaced on social news site Reddit, features a herd of ecstatic cows, leaping and prancing for joy after being released into pasture for the first time in months.

"This Dutch Groundhog Day signals the start to spring and is quite an experience to see as the cows literally run and jump with anticipation as they can now freely graze on the lush, untouched spring pastures," YouTube user "jtkollmar" wrote in the comments section of the video.

Indeed, at least one of the bovines is so happy it drops to the ground and rubs its nose in the verdant greens.

Don't worry, though; Punxsutawney Phil isn't likely to be replaced by fortune-telling cows any time soon. An urban legend holds that cattle can predict sudden shifts in the weather, but they don't have the seasonal foresight ascribed to the famous groundhog.

According to North Carolina State University, when cows stand with their tails pointing east, the weather is likely to turn foul. NCSU speculates this odd orientation helps cows maximize their ability to pick out the scents of predators on the wind, thus alerting them to possible attack.

According to the video's YouTube description, these dairy cows produce dairy for Beemster, a Dutch cheese-making company that puts a premium on cow wellbeing and grazing outside.

(h/t Reddit)



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