03/06/2013 11:56 am ET

Bulldog Gives Baby Slobbery French Kiss During Feeding (VIDEO)

We've seen our fair share of sloppy dog kisses, but when a bulldog is involved, things can get a little, um, icky.

Youtube user brandonworldwide recently uploaded a video of himself feeding his son Aiden. To the father's dismay, their over-friendly pet bulldog was also there and was hungry, to boot.

You probably already know what's coming next.

"No, stop it! No French kissing while we're eating," Aiden's dad exclaims in the video. "No, stop! No mama bird, baby bird. That's disgusting. Stop it."

The father is grossed out -- and for good reason! -- as the bulldog tries to eat the food directly from the tot's mouth. Since it's just a myth that dogs' mouths are usually cleaner than humans', we wouldn't recommend trying this at home.

Someone should call Jimmy Kimmel and tell him this dog invented a kind of reverse-Silverstoning.

Check out the clip (above), just not when you're eating.