03/06/2013 12:03 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Casey Anthony Supporters Help Her Survive Without A Job

Nearly two years since her acquittal, Casey Anthony is "living free off the kindness of others," she said in bankruptcy court on Monday.

Anthony is managing to stay afloat thanks to the help of loyal supporters who funnel the much maligned mom money and gift cards so she can pay rent and utilities despite her lack of employment, ABC News reports.

From ABC:

Even though she's been called the most hated woman in America, Anthony has a fervent group of supporters who use assumed names and brush off death threats in order to stand by her side.

A woman who goes by "Melissa" told the network that she's seen comments on the site she helps run,, in which Anthony's sympathizers discuss sending "support" to the lawyers of the financially strapped 26-year-old. features proclamations like this one:

Casey did not murder Caylee. If you still believe otherwise, then you have some very serious psychological issues you need to deal with.

Remember: Convicting on circumstantial evidence & assumptions (because the prosecution couldn’t produce any REAL FACTUAL EVIDENCE) is convenient – and would have made a lot of clueless people very happy in this case – BUT JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE. Get over it – and get a life!

Despite the monetary assistance from her defenders, Anthony faces an uphill climb in dealing with her financial woes.

The Associated Press reported that Anthony filed for bankruptcy in January, "claiming about $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities."

At her hearing on Monday, Anthony said she hasn't gotten book, TV or movie offers.

Anthony also said she sold her rights to a dozen photos to her attorney, who then sold them to ABC for $200,000 to help cover legal fees.

Among Anthony's remaining legal obstacles are three civil lawsuits, including one filed by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez for defamation in Orange County Circuit Court.

Fernandez-Gonzalez claims she was damaged by Anthony telling detectives that a baby sitter by the same name kidnapped Anthony's daughter Caylee.

Anthony's court hearing this week was her first public appearance since she left jail in July 2011 after being acquitted of murder allegations in Caylee's death.



Casey Anthony Arrives At Court