Harlem Shake Dance On Russian WWII Memorial Leads To Five Arrests (VIDEO)

A new Harlem Shake dance video upset Russian police because it took place on a WWII memorial.

Five people were arrested after posting the video to YouTube, where a group performs the Internet's dance craze on a WWII army tank, ITN News reported.

In the video, following the trend, a man dances alone in front of the memorial for about 30 seconds, before the now popular song's beat drops. Then, more join in, some on top of the tank.

According to ITN, those arrested said they made the video to celebrate a friend serving in the Russian army.

Recently, the Harlem Shake dance has triggered controversy. In late February, four students were arrested in Egypt for "Harlem Shaking" publicly in their underwear. In Tunisia, the once lighthearted trend was actually banned by the Minister himself -- a move subsequently protested with more Harlem Shake performances.

In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) started an investigation into a Harlem Shake video where Colorado College students perform the dance on a Frontier Airlines flight.

H/T The Guardian